Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will there be a fee to attend this event?


A: No. The event is free.


Q: Will there be a parking lot available?


A: Individual cars can park in the surrounding area of the stadium. There will be a designated location for buses if parishes, schools, and youth groups would like to rent a bus for this event. For reservation, please email us at: There will be also a designated location at the stadium for handicap accessible parking.


Q: Are children allowed to attend?


A: Our event is about celebration of life and we welcome people of all ages. Our prayers, songs and talks are focused on affirming the gift of life. There will be no pictures or language that may be difficult for children to hear or to see.


Q: Are individual Pro-Life groups of organizations or parishes allowed to bring posters, banners, signs, etc?


A: There is no need for anyone to bring signs, holy cards, or stickers. We are printing special holy cards for this event, including a pamphlet on how to pray the rosary.  There will be also baskets of rosaries available at each entrance of the stadium. There will be volunteers who will be handing out the prayer cards and the rosaries.  Because our event is primarily centered on prayer and celebration of life, there will be no need for signs; it's not like a rally or a march.  


Q: Will there be Media coverage?


A: Our gathering of prayer and celebration of life will be covered only by local Archdiocesan newspaper, The Boston Pilot, and Catholic TV.